Hard Drive blew up !! HELPP

  hellraiser_21 22:35 12 Feb 2003

Is there a way you can recover files from a blown up harddisk? what are my chances? help much appreciated..

  woodchip 22:40 12 Feb 2003

What makes you say that you blew up your drive,

  hellraiser_21 14:01 14 Feb 2003

i know my hard drive blew because there was smoke. when i connect it all up, there is no response from it at all.

  hellraiser_21 14:03 14 Feb 2003

i also tried connecting up on different computers, still no response.

  redelf 14:05 14 Feb 2003

There are some companies who can recover data from such situations but they tend to focus on commercial operations and are likely to be expensive. A Google search (or search for related articles in PC mags) should find some for you.

  Ben Avery (Work) 14:06 14 Feb 2003

actually looked inside the PC to see if it's the HDD that's gone?

It sounds more likely that you've burnt something else out - does your CPU fan whir when you turn your PC on?


  Ben Avery (Work) 14:07 14 Feb 2003

sorry didn't see your post about conecting to other pc!

  nelliehob 14:15 14 Feb 2003

If your hard drive is dead (check your bios firstto see if it's not there. The cost of recovery depends on the size and type of HD. I had 60G die recently and it cost over £1200 to recover. So you have to work out if it is worth it. To get an online quote try click here, just make sure you are sitting down!

  The Master 14:26 14 Feb 2003

I posted a message about problems with dual monitors in XP. Thanks for the help, but I found out how to sort it. If you run a second monitor in XP home, make sure it has it's own driver. Install it to the correct monitor using the multi monitor window, and it will work fine. Hope this helps anyoune else who experiences this.

  €dstow 14:30 14 Feb 2003

Is this another illustration of the folly of not having backups??


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