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Hard drive became full overnight

  Eileanbeag 09:36 30 Apr 2017

My hard drive went from half full to full overnight. I am running Windows 10.any help would be much appreciated

1hard drive became full overnight

  Bris 09:56 30 Apr 2017

Try downloading this it will tell you what is taking up your disc space.

  Eileanbeag 10:25 30 Apr 2017

I can download but I am told no space on drive to install

  Terry Brown 11:02 30 Apr 2017

Do you have windows backup activated, as this can cause the problem as every time you change something it updates the backup. Go to Control Panel, Folder Options and turn on Hidden and system files to check this. If you decide to remove any of the older backup files ensure you have any crital files saved elsewhere. Don't forget to hide these files when finished.

  Eileanbeag 13:24 30 Apr 2017

No windows backup is not activated

  john bunyan 13:50 30 Apr 2017

Not back up but is system restore activated? I only keep the last 2 restore points. If you have CCleaner it is easy using Tools to remove old restore points.

  Bris 13:52 30 Apr 2017

Link is NOT spam. Treesize is free and very useful for mapping the contents of a drive.

If downloaded from the JAM site it comes without any PUPs.

I have been using it for many years with no problems.

  Eileanbeag 14:49 30 Apr 2017

Left p c on by accident. Restore is not activated. Have downloaded free size but there's not sufficient room for it to perform

  Bris 19:23 30 Apr 2017

Is there anything on the drive you can delete?

If so carry out the delete then go to task manager (ctrl/alt/del) and look under the disc column for anything that is continuing to fill the disc.

If there is nothing you can delete try moving some files to a flash drive to free up space.

Then try installing Treesize again.

You may have some malware that is causing the problem. Do you have antivirus software? If so try running a scan.

  Eileanbeag 20:17 30 Apr 2017

Thanks all problems. Solved .my son dumped white. Heidi file on my computer. thanks for your help by

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