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  Greengage 16:02 16 May 2006

I've been having trouble with my laptop lately - it is slow, the hard drive failed to back up to an external drive and it is not up to the standard it was. I've run all the usual utility programs and ultimately did a Repair in XP in the hope that this would improve matters, but it has only made it more sluggish. Also when attempting to back up using Acronis I got the message on three occasions that no hard drives could be recognised and when I did get it going, the back up failed as it was unable to read certain sections of hard disk. I eventually got round this by staying with the laptop while backing up to enable me to press the "ignore all" button - but I fear that the backup may not be 100%. My question is, if I reformat the hard drive and then restore through the externally backed up Acronis might this improve matters or am I likely to be left with the same problem in view of what has gone on before. I don't fancy doing a clean install of XP and all the work that will be involved.

  woodchip 16:08 16 May 2006

Your first port of callis, Desktop double click My Computer Right Click on C:\ choose tools check disc tick the box to auto fix faults then restart computer for it to check the disc. If you have a full XP disc, That you used to run Repair, put it in the drive after disc check and from run box Type SFC /SCANNOW and run the program to look for corrupt files

  Greengage 17:10 16 May 2006

Thanks for your responses. I would mention that I did not attempt chkdsk because of the problems I suffered with my PC recently click here
Windows is fully updated along with AVG,CC, Spybot etc and I run Diskkeeper Lite regularly. Before I did the XP repair I ran sfc /scannow but I did not do system restore because the problem with the laptop had been "building" up and I did not think this would achieve anything. Then having used XP repair not only did I then no longer have a restore point but I then had to re-install SP2 and all the subsequent up-dates!CPU usage has been OK and Start Up programs are all known. In the light of your comments, I will now attempt chhdsk, AVG system scan and report back - this may not be for a couple of days. Can you please tell me how I clear out the swap file.

  woodchip 21:26 16 May 2006

Look hear

click here

  Greengage 21:42 16 May 2006

Thanks again. Chkdsk came up with two bad sectors - I have carried out the other exercises inc page file and will sit back and see how things go. I will tick as resolved and will not proceed with what I first proposed.

  swapper 14:27 06 Jan 2007


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