Hard Drive Backup

  The Brown Rock 00:29 13 Jan 2004

Becausse my computer is going on four years old and its `Hard Drive` is getting noisy I decided to purchase an Iomega Desktop (external) HDD (60GB)
This has `Norton Ghost` included and will backup my entire C Drive automatically. I believe I have seen somewhere that when operating `Windows 98` that there are some hidden files that need to be exposed in order to insure should there be a system failure that I have the wherewithall to continue to run my computer from the `backup` in my new drive.
Can anyone give me a simple guide as to how I might achieve this.
The Brown Rock

  hugh-265156 01:29 13 Jan 2004

i think ghost will also back up hidden files and folders as default.

click control panel/folder options/tools/folder options/view/

tick "show hidden files and folders"

as above all drive image programs should back up the entire drive anyway.

  Tog 07:27 13 Jan 2004

I regularly create an image of my C drive and have used it to recover from bad or ill-advised installations. Ghost will not miss out anything.

  Diemmess 07:46 13 Jan 2004

When the moment comes to "restore" the Ghost image, Iomega has provided drivers in a boot floppy which recognise the external HDD.

They probably do have a procedure for this, because otherwise the image will not be "visible" in the external drive.

  The Brown Rock 00:17 14 Jan 2004

Given the last response from `Diemmess` - where am I now? I'm not very conversant on this `backup`business and had hoped that there might be a straight-forward procedure that should I need it, I would know exactly what to do?
I do appreciate your opinions as expressed above, and perhaps the answer is, - that all will be well in the event of a collapse???

  maverick1 00:59 14 Jan 2004

Come on be fair there is a manual on the CD and there are tutorials that should have loade with it as well, the manual is however 200 odd pages long but covers everything, your licence is also only valid for one computer.

However to answer your queery, Ghost will not miss out hidden files you need take no action regarding this, you do however need to make sure that you back u what you want if you have multiple partitions and a smaller slave drive, ghost won't work backing up to the same Hard drive you need two.

When you need to back up you need the ghost boot disk that it prompts you to create when you back up.

this boots to ghost then select "restore and then disk from image" this overwrites the entire drive/partition so it really is a last resort.Thats the simple explanation and should get you out of trouble but it really is worth reading the manual articularly if you have multi partition hard drives, it's a case really of how valuable is your data?

  Derek 10:54 14 Jan 2004

Just a question for Maverick.

I was under the impression that in the situation of having two drives Master and Slave, the Master could be Ghosted to Slave under Disc-to-Disc. This is how I've always done it, usually on a weekly basis.

I've had occasions to swap the hard drives over (M to S etc) and got myself easily out of trouble. Or, at least I have assumed so. Mind you I've just moved over to XP pro and had quite a lot of problems in "GoBack".

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