Hard Drive available storage space

  James-299039 16:03 16 Feb 2003

Two years ago my computer was delivered new with the operating system (Windows Me) and other programs already loaded. I have a 40 Gb hard drive and the Windows Me and other programs left 36.9 Gb available space at that time.

I have only added a couple of A-Z and AA route type programs which in total take up much less than 1 Gb of hard drive space. I don’t play games and use the computer for text files, surfing the web and not much else. I sometimes download web files most of which I eventually delete via the recycle bin.

All of my text files plus the web files that I have not deleted in total take up less than 100 Mb of space. I regularly housekeep via Disc Cleanup, Scan Disc and Disc Defragmenter, as well as doing regular virus checks.

Can anyone explain then how it is that my hard drive is now showing only 29.9Gb of available space? Indicated available hard drive space has decreased gradually over the past two years. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Many thanks.

  Lú-tzé 16:29 16 Feb 2003

click here for a hard disk usage visualization tool. An extended pie chart displays all major files and folders. The directory levels are represented by concentric rings. Information on a particular item of the chart is available by moving the cursor over.

click here for a program to help recover disk space. Gives pie-chart view of disk usage, including unused space, with the ability to drill down into folders. Shows actual or nominal space occupied. Knows about the effects of cluster sizes.

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