Hard Drive Amnesia

  PhiltheFragger 16:30 06 Aug 2003

A chum has 2 hard discs on his system, one master and a slave. All the programs and windows are on C drive and all his documents on D.

The computer suddenly stopped showing D drive in My Computer although it is recognised in the bios.

I checked it and ran fdisk to view the partition and found that the partition has evaporated. Basically it is acting like a brand new unformatted Hdd. But it is full of Data

Can I get it back? is there some magic DOS command that can rescue this info
And any idea what caused it

It is a home built system Athlon XP2000 Win 98 SE about 8 months old



  Bodi 18:27 06 Aug 2003

several programs you can buy that might do this for you.

I have Ontrack Easy Recovery, but have only used it once - on a corrupted floppy drive and was unsuccessful. So this probably is not very helpful, but at least it will put you to the top again.


  Bodi 18:29 06 Aug 2003

Could be that your slave drive has died, but you could try physically disconnecting it and booting without it. Shut down and then connect it again - you never know, it might work.


  paddyjack 19:14 06 Aug 2003

To follow on from Bodi take the drive out and bung it in the freezer for half hour or so. I have pulled this trick once and it worked, no idea as to why, but it might be worth trying

  xania 21:04 06 Aug 2003

Partition magic click here has a facility for recovering deleted partitions - don't be too put off by the price - you should be able to get V6.0 much cheaper on Ebay

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