hard drive almost full

  User-271645 09:24 21 Sep 2004

10gb hard drive,I know it is too small and I should replace it, but when I defragment it shows 91% full,despite the fact that I burnt most files to disc and removed them from the hard drive.
Is it possible to check what it is full of ? It went suddenly from 60% to its present state.
Thanks in advance

  Noleg24 09:26 21 Sep 2004

any hidden files you may have made? i would check everything just to be sure...

  nick_j007 09:54 21 Sep 2004

Allow this to run on your PC

click here

It's safe and made some notable differences to my PC when I was in a similar situation to you.

Agree to the download prompts.

Post back with a result.



  Simon_P 10:04 21 Sep 2004

Run scandisk in safe mode.

  User-271645 11:55 21 Sep 2004

thanks all ,I tried the link from Nick and will follow up the advice,very useful site

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