Hard drive almost completely used by Trojan Horse?

  Hoodie 20:37 23 Sep 2004

XP pro in use with 2.4GB processor& 256Mb RAM with 40 gig hard drive. Boot up ran gradually slower & slower. AVG, Spybot & Adaware did find a trojan horse and several viruses and dealt with them. All rerun agin and indicate a clean system, but now it is more difficult to boot up and "c" drive indicates almost full HELP NEEDED, or is new hard drive the remedy.

  Dan the Confused 20:45 23 Sep 2004

What is taking up all the room? Can't you delete it?

  Hoodie 20:51 23 Sep 2004

I cant find the reason for this using windows explorer

  Mankster 20:54 23 Sep 2004

go to "MY COMPUTER" right click on local C: and tell what amount of free space there is. and as a foot note, if you have any spare cash it is well worth investing in another 256k mb ram of exactly same brand, its very cheap at the moment. Recently i purchased a 180gig hdd along with 512mb ram for less than £80.

  JonnyTub 20:54 23 Sep 2004

run disk cleanup by right clicking on your c: drive and choosing properties / disk cleanup, the viruses may have created a whole load of garbage that simply needs deleteing. It could also be that the viruses have made copies of your files everywhere and so a file duplicator finder eraser programme would be handy, another thing is to clean out your registry from defunct items with an appropriate cleaner.

  Dan the Confused 21:11 23 Sep 2004

It would be useful to know the viruses/malware that were removed. (AVG, Ad-aware and Spybot keep logs you can refer to.)

  Hoodie 21:11 23 Sep 2004

Thanks folks.
I think I have a registry cleaner prog. but is there a free file duplicator prog available

  JonnyTub 21:16 23 Sep 2004

some free to try one's here click here

  gudgulf 21:18 23 Sep 2004

When searching for the culprit files make sure you can see hidden folders (in explorer go to tools/folder options/view and tick display hidden files and folders ).Also clear out all your temp files click here is an ecxellent free utility to do this.

  JonnyTub 21:22 23 Sep 2004

could it be that you have reached your hard drive capacity and need to upgrade?

  Hoodie 21:44 23 Sep 2004

Ta All
Regret that I hae had to use a neighbours PC as I cannot access internet now on my own . Have to sign off tonight . will post again tomorrow.

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