Hard drive Aggh

  Bike-it 16:39 29 Dec 2014

I have started using a WD My Passport Ultra 2Tb external Hard Drive, i have loads of photos on it, but when ever i want to remove it from the computer i always get a pop up message telling me that the drive cannot be removed safely as a program is using it yet no programs are opened, so how can i find out if any program is using it, if so how do i find which program it is, or how can i remove it safely?

  rdave13 16:56 29 Dec 2014

How is it connected? When I had an e-sata drive the safest way I could remove it was after shutting down the PC.

  northumbria61 17:14 29 Dec 2014

I agree with rdave13 comments - there's also more here usb/external hdd/ unable to remove

  Bris 17:25 29 Dec 2014

Take a look at Unlocker here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:30 29 Dec 2014

Its probably the back up software that came loaded on it doing a continuous back u[p to this drive from your P internal drives.

If you do not want this to happen then stop the WD backup software from running at startup and delete the files from the drive.

  BT 17:46 29 Dec 2014

Is it not a USB connected drive? If so right click and eject it, then you should be able to unplug it safely.

  Bike-it 19:12 29 Dec 2014

It is connected via usb, i will not let me eject it safely, this is the only external drive this happens to the other i have can be removed safely.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:33 29 Dec 2014

won't let you eject if its in the process of writing to or from another drive.

  Bike-it 20:24 29 Dec 2014

Its not writing its sitting doing nothing, the small light is lit.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:09 29 Dec 2014

the recovery media will have locked the drive

you need to stop the WD recovery software.

  Bike-it 22:58 29 Dec 2014

I shut down the computer and removed the HD, plugged it back into the computer when it restarted it let me eject it safely, so i think the problem is to do with Photoshop or lightroom, as when i open either and do a bit of editing, shut down the programs it will not let you eject safely.

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