Hard drive advice for Newbies.

  seedie 16:07 31 Dec 2004

About a month ago I dropped a HD whilst kneeling down in front of the computer, it was in a caddy, a sort of drawer that holds it, and it fell on to a carpet from 27cms. The carpet has a substantial underlay and I assume the drive decelerated abit before it came to a halt. This morning at switch on the drive goes tick tick tick etc and computer won't boot but because I have a backup strategy I didn't lose anything important. You don't know how many bumps your computer has had between the assembler and your desk so if your drive fails you'll lose all work, photos of kids, favourite pictures of your mother-in-law etc. For the price of CD you can backup what you want and sleep easily in your bed at nights. Make it your new year's resolution *Do a backup regularly*

Happy new year to you all


  Tycho 16:29 31 Dec 2004

Topping advice. You know it makes sense.



  slim 65 16:41 31 Dec 2004

To see if your HDD has failed , power down the system and disconnect the IDE cable .Leave the HDD power cable attached. Then power up the system with the 40-pin cable detached and see if there is still a clicking noise. If it does then probably the HDD has failed. Hope this might help.

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