Hard drive advice 133 ? 100?

  *Silver*Hawk* 20:06 06 Mar 2005

hello, I currently have a 80gb ata 133 hard drive I think. I am looking to get another one for storage and I was wondering if a ata 100 will work on my existing setup. I am using an msi kt4v mother board and I will set the second drive as slave on the primary ide. Thanks for any help. Also could someone have a look for some cheap drives for me please as I dont know which ones are reliable. I would like the price to be about £30 and at least 40gb of storage. Thanks.

  keith-236785 20:14 06 Mar 2005

click here

this is just one of the drives available from ebuyer. dont forget the delivery charge will be on top of the price.

ata 100 will work fine with your setup.

  *Silver*Hawk* 20:23 06 Mar 2005

is ata 100 or 133 faster? Would I see much difference?

  Gongoozler 20:24 06 Mar 2005

There are not many ATA100 drives sold these days, most are ATA133. The figure is only the maximum data transfer rate, and in practice the disk spin speed has more influence on the performance. In older systems if 2 drives are connected on the same cable the data transfer rate will be that of the slower drive. I think most drives are similar in reliability. Being mechanical devices they tend to have a higher failure rate than many other computer parts. I have read that the average life of a hard drive is 3 years and although many last a lot longer quite a few fail in the first few weeks, hence the advice to always back up critical files.

  *Silver*Hawk* 20:29 06 Mar 2005

hmm, well i have taken a look at ebuyer but the drives which are cheap seem to have a few bad reviews and i dont know if i should get it. Does anyone have experience of a cheap and reliable drive?

  great1 20:38 06 Mar 2005

click here

try this site i have used them in the past watch out for their offers


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