hard drive-adding new/old playing up

  ramswin 10:59 07 Aug 2003

Present hard drive is making clunking noises and seizing up occassionally. I have a new samsung 60gb drive that I'd like to add as my new boot drive, but i'd like to keep my old drive as a slave drive until it/if dies completely! How can i still access this drive once new one added (as I think win98 will give new drive c label too?)?

Im a bit of a beginer and feel abit lost as how to go about this interms of the bios/software setup, so any help would be most appreciated. Also I move house recently and the box containing all the drivers and manuals has still not appeared!

thanks dave

current system
Duron 700, MB- gigabyte GA71XE4, 320mb memory, HD- 20GB, win98 (2nd ed)

  xania 14:15 07 Aug 2003

Before you start, you will have to make sure that your BIOS is set up to recognise your slave HD - you will have to enter the BIOS (when you first boot up, the screen will tell you how to do this) then enter something like 'Standard CMOS Setup Menu). You will see a like that reads something like 'IDE Primary Master', followed by a line that says 'IDE Primary Slave' - next to each will be a setting which should read 'AUTO' - whatever the master line says, amend the slave line to read the same then exit this menu, and Save & Exit BIOS Setup. When you now boot-up, with both HDs connected, your BIOS should recognise and report back on both, but only if you have set up one as master and one as slave - see below for further details.

If you have no Partition Manager software:

1 Make sure you have a bootable floppy disk available - if not create one whilst you still have your old disk working.

2 Remove your old drive and insert the new.

3 Change the jumper on the back of your old HD from master to slave and put that on the other connector on the same ribbon as the other HD - don't forget to attach a power cable as well.

4 You can now reboot using your bootable floppy disk and re-install Windows on your new drive. NB: you will find your old HD showing with the old OS as drive D:\ and any other partitions on your old drive as E:\ etc

If you have a partition manager (IE Partition Magic)or click here - warning, most demo versions will not allow you to change your active partition - you will then need to do this via FDISK.)

1 Change the jumper on your now HD from master to slave.

2 Attach the new drive to the same cable as the old using the unused connector - don't forget to attach a power cable as well.

3 Use you Partition manager to copy your C:\ partition from the old drive to the new and then change the active partition to be that on your new HD.

4 Allow the Partition Manager to do its job - this will probably involve closing down to DOS and rebooting, doing all the work and then re-booting again.

5 This final re-boot will report an error. Don't worry, turn off the machine and change round the two HD's. This means swapping the connectors and also changing the jumpers on both - your old one now becomes the slave and the new becomes the master.

6 You can now re-boot your computer and continue working.
NB: you will find your old HD showing with the old OS as drive D:\ and any other partitions on your old drive as E:\ etc

  SEASHANTY 15:37 07 Aug 2003

Very detailed advise from xania. If you need any additional pointers see Preparing A Hard Drive at Techrescue <click here>

  pj123 16:16 07 Aug 2003

This is a long and hazardous proposition if you have never done it before.

First of all you will need a Startup Disk, if you haven?t got one go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programmes, Startup disk. Put a blank formatted floppy disk in and click on Create Disk. When that has finished, take the floppy disk out and switch off your computer.

Now you need to disconnect the existing hard drive and install the new one (as primary master) in its place. Restart the computer and put the startup disk in. When you get to the A:\ prompt type in fdisk and press enter. You will now be presented with a menu 1-4. Item 1 should already be the active selection, press enter and follow the prompts. When that has finished press esc until you get back to the A: prompt. Take out the floppy disk and switch off your computer. Now restart the computer and put the startup disk back in. When you get to the A:\ prompt this time type format c: and press enter. When the formatting has finished, remove the startup disk and switch the computer off again.

Now you need to re-connect the original hard disk and make the new hard disk the slave and connect it. Make the new drive a slave by moving the jumper. A diagram on the drive face will show you where to put the jumper. (Most hard drives do not need a jumper at all to make it a slave). Install the drive in your computer. Switch on and keep hitting the ?del? key until you get a BIOS window. The first entry should be Standard CMOS, press enter, using the cursor (arrow) keys on your keyboard get to Primary Slave, It may say ?Not Installed? or ?Auto?. When it is highlighted press enter, this should detect your new drive. If it doesn?t or nothing happens, use the Page Up and Page Down keys and change it to ?Auto?. Once done, press ?esc? and then F10, answer yes (y) to the question and press enter. The PC will reboot with the new hard drive installed. If all this goes smoothy, you should now have a C: (original hard drive) a D: (your new hard drive) and E: (your CD drive).

Now go to Start, Run and type in xcopy c:\*.* /e/h/k/r/c d: and press enter. Make sure you put the spaces in between xcopy and c:\*.* and a space between that and /e/h/k/r/c and another space between that and d: When that has finished you can now take out your existing hard disk and make your new disk the master and reboot your computer, and all should be well. If you think that is too much for you, email me and I will find some time and space to talk you through.

  ramswin 11:41 10 Aug 2003

Thanks very much for all you help folks, Im going to give it ago later on today... thanks dave

  lazypicker 11:10 15 Aug 2003

I have just fitted a new maxtor hard drive to my pc I have loaded windows 98se using the start up discand partitioned the drive into two equal parts everything is fine but windows will not see my old drive although it is detected in the bios as the primary slave I only want to transfer my data from the old to the new but there is far too much for a cd any body with any suggestions? ...Chris

  SEASHANTY 15:55 15 Aug 2003

Go to the Maxtor support website. Download the Maxblast installation software to a floppy from <click here> follow the instructions to find out why your drive is not recognised. You only need one installed drive to be a Maxtor. This software should sort it out for you. Shame you did not use it to start with.

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