Hard Drive Activity

  Legslip 01:18 17 Jan 2010

I am investigating a number of probs with a pals Dell Dimension E521 with Vista. Among them is that the Hard Drive LED keeps blinking i.e, activity is taking place. I have done an msconfig, disabled everything, disconnected from the web and it still keeps blinking despite no interaction with the PC. Currently running Malwarbytes and it is about half way through a scan but so far found nothing. Am I right in presuming that if if the PC is not being used and free of the NET then after a complete boot the HD should be idle?

  Legslip 01:33 17 Jan 2010

Oh,tried it in safe mode and the same happens!!

  OTT_B 01:43 17 Jan 2010

Frequent HDD activity is not uncommon. It's almost permanently used by the operating system and applications for page filing, amongst other regular activities.

Unless your system is showing degraded performance there's probably nothing much to worry about.

  Legslip 01:48 17 Jan 2010

Thanks Ott_B. Appreciate your response but in Safe Mode with everything disabled in MSConfig and off the NET should I really still see activity? Oh, Malwarebytes has nearly finished its scan and found 2 infections. I will report on HD activity once completed and rebooted.

  OTT_B 02:25 17 Jan 2010

Will be interested to hear of any reduction in HDD activity after threat removel, but yes, you can still expect regular HDD use, even in safe mode.

  User-312386 07:47 17 Jan 2010

There will always be HDD activity as hard drive is always spinning!

  Legslip 10:20 17 Jan 2010

Thanks Madboy but my Netbook has a hard drive LED and that doesn't show constant activity. If I'm not using it the LED is idle.

  User-312386 10:54 17 Jan 2010

It really depends what power mode its in, as you say yours is a netbook and uses less power for one and the operating system is usually basic in the netbooks, and you most probably have an Solid State Drive!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:03 17 Jan 2010

Windows will do file indexing and other "house working" tasks during idle moments so you might not be doing much but the hard drive can be running.

A frequent scan for nasties is always worth doing if hard drive or router activity is unexpected.

  Legslip 23:51 25 Jan 2010

It seems that my PC running Vista has a HD that is regularly accessed while my XP HD seems still. Could the cause be sidebar activity in Vista?

  mooly 07:47 26 Jan 2010

What security are you running ? as some packages are very heavy on resources.

I run Vista, sidebar and Aero on a laptop and can honestly say there is no HDD activity at all most of the time on web pages etc

If you open Vistas "Reliability and performance monitor" (just type that into run box to find it) and look at the graph for Disk and also expand the drop down menu for Disk, then you shoud see what is hogging the HDD.

On this webpage with the monitor open I see less than 4kb throughput on the HDD and often it's showin 0.00 for long periods.

Vista is essentially set at the default settings too.

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