hard drive activity

  User-92DDCDF3-0184-434B-8701EC41369540AF 18:09 03 Sep 2004

any help on this would be much appreciated
when doing anything on my pc i seem to be having alot more hard drive activity than usual..

i have defragged the drive run antivirus.
if playing a game the hard drive light comes on for long periods causing a stuttering screen making for poor gameplay and as soon as it goes off its ok again(which isnt for long)!!!
running windows xp pro and with just background apps running it says its using 250 meg leaving just over 250 free of ram...Is this correct?

system specs

athlon 2400+
512 mb ram
radeon 9800 pro
seagate barracuda 7200

cheers all

  Dorsai 18:40 03 Sep 2004

The ram sounds fine for XP. My systame normally uses around 330MB, but i have more ram, so am not so careful about the programs i leave running in the background.

How big is the HDD though. Or more to the point, how full is the HDD.

Also, have you ran the nornmal selection of Anti-mal ware programs, to rid yourself of any nasties that may be lurking?

  Dorsai 18:43 03 Sep 2004

Just thought. Dont know how to test for it, But this excessive activity could be the drive starting to pack up.

its a 40 gig hard drive and theres 14 left

the drive is only 10 months old

more ram maybe solve this???

p.s whats anti mal ware

  Simon_P 18:52 03 Sep 2004

Does this just happen when playing games or all the time?

To me it sounds as though it is swap file usage (HDD being used as virtual memory)

Does the game require lots of ram?

I have come across this issue a couple of times and it has been the game swap file causing the problem.

If that is the case then the only real solution is more ram

Although 512MB ram is ample for running most applications it may be lacking for games that need allot of ram.

  Simon_P 18:54 03 Sep 2004

Mal ware = viruses spyware etc

cheers simon

the hard drive flickers when the pc is idle.
they are mainly driving games that it does it on which do say they need 512 meg of ram and every so often during those games the hard drive lot comes on for about 10 seconds constantly which is when the game stutters.

nothing about system specs are lacking though are they except the ram?

p.s could anyone tell me the cheapest and best place to buy ram

  Simon_P 19:19 03 Sep 2004

Memory selector here

click here

  Simon_P 19:21 03 Sep 2004

The specks look fine to me.

Not much different to mine except I have 1GB ram

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