hard drive is a 80gb pc sayes it is a 40gb

  1887 19:07 28 Aug 2004

I have installed a second hard drive to my system. The PC recognises the drive and everything is working fine but it is only being recognised as a 40gb when it is an 80gb. Could someone please tell me why? Thank you.

  SEASHANTY 20:23 28 Aug 2004

Download the free PC checking utility "Everest Home Edition" from this website
click here
Install it on your PC then open the programme and click on "Computer" under "Storage" it will tell you the make and model of your hard drive and also the capacity of it.

  JonnyTub 20:26 28 Aug 2004

it's quite likely you have the jumper pins on the drive itself set up to limit the storage capacity, it's worth checking.

  JonnyTub 20:28 28 Aug 2004

I say "quite likely" because of the number of time I have unwittingly done it myself.

  joethebow 21:42 28 Aug 2004

It could be set wrong in the BIOS. Restart the PC and as the startup screen appears keep pressing the DEL key to enter the BIOS. GO to the main system data screen and make sure the drive description is set to AUTO.

It could also be that the disk has been partitioned as 2 40GB drives and only one is formatted. Run FDISK to check this.

  SEASHANTY 09:58 29 Aug 2004

.....and it could quite possibly be that if this is an OEM drive you have purchased you maqy well have been given a 40GB drive instead of an 80GB. What does Everest say it is?

  jack 12:32 29 Aug 2004

What System are you running?
Is it possible that the drive has been set up with Fdisk and a partial partition made?
If you are in XP then perchance a reformat using the XP inbuilt facility will 'reveal all'

  Dorsai 13:10 29 Aug 2004

What OS and mobo do you have?

also what is the model of the disk you ordered?

Apart from the help offered above, it may be that your OS or you Mobo can't actually 'see' above a 40gb limit. When you boot up the boot screen should list the HDD's model number.

eg WD800JB

does it agree with what you actually ordered?

  1887 13:39 29 Aug 2004

I am running Windows XP with service pack 2. I have checked in the bios and it is recognising one as sp40 and one as an sp80 (both Samsung). I also have Belarc Advisor and thats telling me that there is 76.68gb free but in my computer it says it is a 40gb. It was purchased as an OEM product. Thanks for everyones help.

  wobblymike 13:52 29 Aug 2004

On the offchance that you have a BIOS limitation, try downloading the Hard Drive utility from the SAMSUNG website, it is a formatting utility that most hard drive manufacturers offer. If you use this to reformat your new hard drive, it will, if its needed apply an overlay to your HD which will allow your BIOS to recognise its full capacity. I have used this utility on a number of drives - it works.

  [DELETED] 14:04 29 Aug 2004

If what wobblymike is saying is the same as the "discwizard" program that came with my new Seagate 80Gb last year. Once you use it, it puts a footprint on the disc to set it with your motherboard. Once that's done if you upgrade your Pc in future and use a new motherboard, it will not recognise your new hard drive.

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