hard drive

  YAMA 12:30 08 Jul 2009

righ with this h/d. my pc tech helpers. it looks like we are back to square one, bought a external h/d, transfered all from main to external h/d, got a win xp pro from dell. did a clean sweep, re-inserted all drivers ecta, so pc was like new, all went well. h/d showing just over 6gb used, then a week later it shot up to 33gb used showing, got on to dell, as i thought the trouble lay with a faulty h/d, they did a remote test, found h/d ok, but said it was soft warre fault, trnasfer me to that department, aftera lot of talking on the phone, it came down to soft ware not garrenteed, so had to pay for a nother remote virus scan removal, did that, but after i go to my computor-c drive , found the h/d still showing 117gb free space, dell said that the 32gb
was been used in the back ground, ???? so what i want to know, are they right, as i have added up what i think of gb in use, as just over 6gb, win + progames+doc and settings, so what should be showing on the h/d, ta yama

  Terminus90 13:10 08 Jul 2009

did you install any updates in this time? This is where the extra usage may have come from.

  Terminus90 13:12 08 Jul 2009

It could also be that the first usage reading was wrong and that an update enabled windows to read the drive with no limitations

  lotvic 13:40 08 Jul 2009

"dell said that the 32gb has been used in the back ground"

Yes that's probably right. It will be your automatic System Restore points.
5GB x 6 restore points = 30GB (as an example)

When System Restore points have used up the maximum GB that it is allowed - a percentage of the total harddrive - then it will overwrite one (usually the oldest) in order to make the new one.

  Graphicool1 13:50 08 Jul 2009

If you want to remove some of those 'Restore Points' download and install CCleaner (if you haven't already got it) It's Free and safe. click here
Open the programme...
Click on 'Tools'
'System Restore'
They'll all be there, with the details (dates) they were made. You can decide what ones you keep (if any) and which you delete.

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