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  richard929 13:58 18 May 2006

Hi everyone, i have just installed a second hard drive in my desktop and it works fine, but the reason im making this post is because i would like to know if it is possible to combine the hard drives as 1 so that when i go in the my computer in my windows xp it only shows 1 hd.

  Smiler 14:04 18 May 2006

Think you may have to set up a raid system

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  vinnyT 12:30 19 May 2006

Most raid setups, I think, require both drives to be of the same size and speed (the latter is not so important now, as most drives are of the 7200 rpm variety).

  Smiler 18:05 19 May 2006

Actually they need to be os similar speeds


RAID 0 - Stripe Volumes

The key for setting up a RAID 0 volume is to pick similar, fast, reliable disks and only use the first half of the disks for the RAID 0 volumes. The rest of the disks capacities can be used for non-RAID or Mirror volumes. In general, the more disks used, the faster the reading and writing of the data. The performance of your Stripe volume depends on which buses and disks you use. For more information read RAID Scenarios and Stripe Essentials in the SoftRAID 3 manual

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  vinnyT 10:32 20 May 2006

Thanks Smiler, I've never seen one setup in that way, but i stand corrected.

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