hard drive

  casper69 10:19 20 Dec 2005

Im upgrading my processor and mobo and so i need to get a OS to get it setup should i still use my old hard drive or would it be best to buy a new one and use the old one as a slave drive or should i clean the old hard drive and use that but i have about 30gb of files that i want to keep is there anyway of saving them to another device some way and then clean the whole hard drive

  GaT7 11:24 20 Dec 2005

Personally, for the least hassle, I would buy a new one & use the other as slave.

Using the old one in your case wouldn't be convenient as you don't have large backup capacity* - the cheapest alternative being to backup 30Gb of files to blank CDs/DVDs prior to starting afresh with the new OS. G

*Unless you have a large enough partition on the old drive

  casper69 11:36 20 Dec 2005

my hard drive at the mo is IDE my new mobo can use SATA cables if i use one hard drive on IDE and the other on SATA would one be come the slave drive automatically or would i have to configure it to become a slave drive?

  Totally-braindead 11:58 20 Dec 2005

In the BIOS there will be an option to pick the boot device usually called something like boot order or boot options. In my case I have SATA drives as the 1st boot device but you could choose IDE if you wished. I also would use the new hard drive as the primary, newer drives in general tend to be a bit faster especially if you use the SATA as your boot drive. If you do this the old drive can be left as it is as the primary, secondary on the IDE do not affect the SATA drives. Remember you will need to install the SATA driver from your motherboard disk presuming you haven't already done this.

  casper69 12:01 20 Dec 2005


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