hard drive

  fishking 16:17 03 Oct 2005

can i take the hard drive out of one computer and fit it in a newer one will every work same as it did in older one.Back to graphics is a n vida 440mx better than a intel extreme64mb on board.thanks

  De Marcus™ 16:19 03 Oct 2005

1st question: no

2nd question: yes

  bremner 16:25 03 Oct 2005

I think the answer to No. 1 is actually maybe.

If the O/s on the HDD is Win 9x then yes it probably will work. But you may need to update drivers.

If the O/S is 2000/XP then it will probably not work.

  De Marcus™ 16:27 03 Oct 2005

If your going to attempt it, back up the HD. I think you'll find it probably won't work and all in all would be better to do a fresh install on a new system.

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