Hard Drive.

  sms 09:27 23 Jan 2004

I was having problems with my hd crashing. I tried everything but could not cure it. I bought a second hard drive and installed as slave. I installed win 2000 on the slave and boot from this. I have installed sp2 OK. Any other upgrade scerws up win. The control panel is all over the place and there is no install/uninstall. I have formatted the disk several times and started again. Iam running out of ideas. Can the other hd effect it. Should I install win 98 or ME which I have.

Help !!

  jimv7 09:49 23 Jan 2004

Check the ram and processor, change them if you can, it sounds like a cpu or memory error on installing windows.

  minter 10:51 23 Jan 2004

From reading your post I gather that you have your operating system running from the "slaved" HD (the new one).

If this is so try making it "master" and the other HD "slave."

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