Hard Drive

  Ben4078 09:19 19 Sep 2003

Is they a way i can stop users from acessing the C: drive on my xp pc


  alcudia 10:07 19 Sep 2003

Do you mean completely, which would seem pointless as no-one could do anything. Or do you want to restrict certain rights.
To do this you have to create an account for each user and assign their access level.
Go to User Accounts in Control Panel.

  Ben4078 13:00 19 Sep 2003

How do you assign thier acess rights so limited users carnt access the c: drive

  hugh-265156 13:05 19 Sep 2003
  Ben4078 10:13 25 Sep 2003

When laura logs on whit a none administrator account she can acess the c: drive is they a way of stopping this

  alcudia 10:23 25 Sep 2003

Of course she can, she has to in order to do anything on the computer, assuming Windows is installed on your C drive, and I suspect it is.

You will need to follow the advice in the links provided by huggyg71 so that you can restrict user rights to indivual programs and files.

What version of XP do you have?

  Ben4078 13:09 25 Sep 2003

xp pro

  alcudia 13:56 25 Sep 2003

Then you have access to all of XP's security features, which took me a while to figure out. It does require some thought and care.
Basically you can (as administrator) access the properties of any folder or file, choose the security tab and then user. You can then check boxes to set user permimissions for whatever it is.

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