Hard Disk/Norton SystemWorks Problem -

  chugby 15:52 24 Jul 2004

run into trouble with my computer from what seems to be from a simple driver removal tool, see my previous link trying to get system restore back click here

Have Norton SytemWorks 2002 (with WinME), the one button check works ok but now unable to access the Norton Utilities Win/DiskDoctor. When I try after a few minutes states have a serious hard disk error.
Have restarted in safemode and run scandisk which states some errors fixed but no bad sectors (also tried system restore in safe mode but no success) but still cant get at the Utilities.

Have a full backup prior to all these problems but want to check if there is a physical problem with the hard disk first, seen Ontracks Data Advisor click here
+ there is Scandisk through check but understand takes along time. Any advise on above and suitable programs to check/repair harddisk condition appreciated.

  chugby 23:23 24 Jul 2004

...managed to run Norton Utilities directly from the program CD. Did a Norton Win/DiskDoctor scan, incl disk surface scan, with no problems reported.
Still not able to access WinDoctor & DiskDoctor
from the SystemWorks program, assume a software problem??
Found a freeware utility call HDD Health to check hard disk which might try also click here

  GaT7 23:59 24 Jul 2004

It appears something has gotten corrupted & you may have to uninstall & reinstall NSW. Not the most ideal situation but may have to be done eventually.

I had some problems with NSW2003 Pro last year (running Win98se). One of the problems was it slowed the PC down dramatically. After a few weeks I removed it completely & there was quite a noticeable improvement. Ever since I only run some of the utilities off the CD. G

  hillybilly 00:04 25 Jul 2004

This may sound daft but if you installed norton after the point to which have just restored, it probably would have a problem because it would not be there to run.

  chugby 00:16 25 Jul 2004

Crossbow 7 -
think you're probably right about uninstalling. Just noticed the DiskDoctor on the CD has a thorough scan option which will try tomorrow first just in case.
Relied on Norton Utilities alot in past and first time let me down, wonder what other similar (possibly better?) utility programs available.

hillybilly -
sorry probably my previous post little confusing,
already have Norton Installed but it can also run utilities directly from the CD. Have not been able to use system restore, wish I could.

All replies appreciated. ta

  chugby 18:30 25 Jul 2004

...just run a thorough Norton Disk Doctor
scan incl surface scan with no errors detected
(took about 10hrs!), however when I run Norton System Doctor states I have a physical hard disk error and the drive will fail in the near future. Confused as nothing picked up on the full surface disk scan. Any thoughts on this?

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