Hard disk worry

  John Ross 11:35 03 Aug 2003

I have a 3-4 year old NEC 933 with 45Gb hard disk running Windows Xp Pro.
Fault free until yesterday.
Then windows ran the bootup disk scan at start up and found 45Kb bad sector.
Windows has done the same today and come up with same scan run and result.
The computer works fine, I have defragmented and backed up my data files.

My two concerns are :
1. Is this the beginning of the end for my hard disk? If this is likely what hard disk do I buy to produce a mirroe in preparation for the day the disk goes?
2. If the disk is OK and this is just one of those everday things cmputers do how do I stop Windows going into an interminable disk scan at boot up?


  Paranoid Android 12:32 03 Aug 2003

Question - was it a 45K lost cluster, or a bad sector - they are different. Usually bad sectors are given an address, not a size.

Lost clusters are not usually a serious long-term problem.

Even if it was a bad sector, it is difficult to say whether this will rapidly get worse, or just an isolated event from a power surge or physical shock / movement.

If you are otherwise happy with your disk, I would monitor it carefully for the next few weeks before rushing out to buy. Keep your backups current.


  Rayuk 12:33 03 Aug 2003

Download diagnostics program from hard drive manufacturers website,see if it comes up with an error code.

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