Hard disk wont format

  [DELETED] 10:48 02 Feb 2006

Replaced hard disk in my laptop, had been formatted NTFS as shown by fdisk. Deleted partition and fdisk'ed it again, now shows 1 partition 37Mb FAT32 - it did take quite a while to verify during the fdisk. Tried ' format C:' and it starts off OK but then permanent message of 'trying to recover allocation units' with a number which very slowly increases. Left it all night and this morning was same, had got up to 327,564 or so. Any ideas why it will not format?
Want to re-format to load Win ME (dont ask why!)
Have 128 Mb of memory on laptop.
Slot in usual hard disk which has XP on it, OK but very slow because of low memory.

  woodchip 10:54 02 Feb 2006

If this is a Old Laptop, it may have a BIOS limitation on size. PS My Laptop is slow it's nothing to do with Memory, I fitted another 256mb it does not affect the speed unless you are doing Photo Editing etc. The problem is the speed of your Hard drive, Only 4200rpm on the old one. That's what mine is but going to get this.

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  [DELETED] 10:55 02 Feb 2006

At this forum click here, a contributor replying to a similar question said that a computer taking a long time trying to recover allocation units means that the hard drive has a bad cable or controller, or more likely a very large number of bad sectors and should be scrapped.

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