Hard disk trouble

  prodway 16:24 27 Sep 2003

Hi,im having a problem with my setup of hard drives.Iv recently reinstalled winxp and when i load my computer up and go to my computer my discs are showing 3 hard drives when i only have 2.It also shows that it has 8 gb of memory!!!it has it named as drive d which is what i want my main hdrive to be called(which is now f) but when i try removing this drive(or even renaming) i get this message"Windows cannot remove drive letter of your system volume or boot volume."Any ideas?so what i want to do is remove the hdrive that dosent exist(D) and change the name of my main hdrive to D.Thanks,Paul.

  prodway 16:28 27 Sep 2003

Sorry,i mean its named as "c" which is what i want my main hdrive to be.Thanks again.

  MichelleC 16:54 27 Sep 2003

If xp is like w2k: go into disc management and right-click your hd's, change each in turn, rebooting after each single change. ie you can't change 'e' to c' if 'c' is already assigned. If you see 3 hd's in disc management then that's what you've got.

  MichelleC 16:56 27 Sep 2003

...or rather 3 partions (not necessarily physical hd's).

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