Hard disk switch

  Kudu 15:01 01 Nov 2003

Has anyone ever seen advertised or made a switch so as you can use one HDD independent of the other.This is so as you can use one disk on it's own without going inside the box to haul out a power plug on either disk.

Is this possible ?

  Bagsey 16:05 01 Nov 2003

Can you explain what you are trying to acheive.If we understood your problem we could be better placed to offer advice.

  Kudu 16:24 01 Nov 2003

I have now seen on the internet hard disk switches that fit in 3.5" and 5.25" drive bays that have on\off controls for hard disks and some are supplied with locks and keys.Wondering if they are are available in UK.Hope this is a bit clearer. Thanks.

  Kudu 16:35 01 Nov 2003

This type of thing click here

  Bagsey 22:30 01 Nov 2003

Ok I see where you are coming from. I , for a number of years had similar needs. These I sorted by fitting hard disk cadies and a hard disk for each member of staff. This worked very well as each staff member had full control over his own hard disk. It was possible for them to take the hard disk home should they wish to continue with any work there.
I also used this system to have seperate hard disks for different opperating systems which I found a more user friendly way of working rather than dual booting.

  Kudu 23:24 01 Nov 2003

Seemed a good idea as caddies are a bit inconvenient and the fans add to the noise,but these switches are about a 100pounds for the cheapest and i can't find them in the UK anyway so i will just sign off.

  flecc 01:19 02 Nov 2003

I have a third hard drive on my second computer which has Lindows on it, the first two hard drives having six operating systems on them, selected by Boot Magic. Since the Lindows cannot be booted by Boot Magic in this configuration, I've switched the 12 volt supply on the first two hard drives with a simple two pole switch.

Throwing the switch at the lull point when rebooting leaces the computer booting on that remaining third drive Lindows.

Therefore all you need do is to cut the thick red wire on the four wire power plug of the hard drive you wish to switch out, and extend the ends to any 2 amp or better on/off switch. This could be a miniature component from Maplins or similar, and couild be mounted in one of the various ventilation holes in the rear of the average PC case.

Operate the switch before booting or at the lull point (black screen) when rebooting to switch that drive in or out. In the absence of a hard drive set as master, the BIOS will happily boot any remaining IDE hard drive.

  Kudu 01:52 02 Nov 2003

That's exactly what i was originally thinking about doing but wasn't sure of the current that a hard disk used and the type of switch to get.You say 2amps or over. Was going to pull out disks to check ratings.I'll check Maplins & see what's available & give it a go.Thanks for confirming it is possible.

  flecc 12:38 02 Nov 2003

I'm actually using an old 5 amp rated pushbutton switch but a 2 amp should be sufficient for the 12 volt functions. I'd avoid a sub-miniature though since they are often of suspect quality, a miniature would be better.

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