hard disk space/ Acronis True Image 7 problems

  chugby 20:00 22 Jun 2004

have Acronis True Image 7 installed. The program
partitions the hard disk to create a secure zone which I recently deleted to perform a hard disk
defrag, the deleted secure zone partition is supposed to reintegrate within hard disk. I performed the hard disk defrag via Norton utilities but this time also disabled the virtual memory to enable more thorough defrag. When finished noticed that my hard disk space available had decreased proportionate to the Acronis Secure Zone partition. To make matters worse, went back into Acronis and found that the secure zone was not deleted, so deleted the secure zone again and now found even less available space on hard disk (aaarrghhh), written to Acronis but still awaiting a reponse from them. Am sure i've seen something on this type of problem before but cannot locate. Any ideas?

  bertiecharlie 20:59 22 Jun 2004

Recently got that programme and wrote to Acronis about one or two things. They took about a week to get back to me but were then very helpful.

I've got two separate images in the Secure Zone and have defragmented a few times with Diskeeper. The Secure Zone isn't affected as only the c partition is defragmented. (I only have the one partition).

I've verified the images twice over the last week just to make sure. If you look in Computer Manangement/Disk Manangement (on XP) you'll see the Secure Zone as a separate partition. i.e you don't have to delete the Secure Zone before you defragment the rest of your drive.

In my inital toings and froings with the programme I deleted the Secure Zone and allocated the space back to the c partition. It gave back every last mb so you should definitely not be losing disk space. I hope you get a satisfactory explanation from them.

(PS. I've taken so long writing this I bet, meantime, someone has answered your query and you've ticked it as resolved).

  chugby 23:03 22 Jun 2004

thanks for reply, currently have 56GB Hard space
with 26GB used. 'My Computer' states 45GB used.
Will see what Acronis come back with.
Reason deleted secure zone as understood that the defrag made future backups alot bigger, do you find this makes much difference?

  woodchip 23:08 22 Jun 2004

Re-Enable virtual memory

  bertiecharlie 23:34 22 Jun 2004

I can see how defragmenting would affect the size of your images if you create a "full back up" image and then add "incremental" images. By how much though I'm not sure. The Help pages in the programme don't quantify a figure.

The big difference between your situation and mine is that I'm using less than 5GB of hard drive space. I've set the size of the Secure Zone as 6GB and it holds two normally compressed "full back up" images with about 1GB spare. When I create a third "full back up" image it replaces the older of the two existing ones. I haven't bothered with "incremental images".

You can't really experiment with adding "incremental images" to your "full back up" image until you get your hard disk space problem resolved.

I hope they get back to you sooner rather than later and sort it out.

  chugby 23:34 22 Jun 2004

thanks for note, tried that, both with own and windows settings but no diff. Wonder whether another defrag maybe the answer?

  chugby 23:37 22 Jun 2004

thanks for that info, will probably not bother with incremental images in future.

  woodchip 12:15 23 Jun 2004

Why not use Windows backup and the transfer to CDRW, for incremental

  chugby 21:03 23 Jun 2004

mmmm...weird thing..just checked and everything back to normal, put it down to system glitch. thanks for help given, some useful pointers for future. cheers

  bertiecharlie 21:06 23 Jun 2004

Glad you got that problem sorted out.

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