hard disk space??

  aceguy 22:45 30 Dec 2004

my pc is ment to have a 160gb hard disk but says the size is 149gb with 105gb free space.the prob is i cant see whats eating up all the space. is there a free programme that tells whats using the space? i used to have one but cant remember what it was called. plus wheres the 11gb went??? ant help would be great.

  woodchip 22:54 30 Dec 2004

Your Drive is not what it say's but do not panic, We are all in the same boat, it's how they calculate the drive size now it's a way of getting more money for less, just like going to buy a pound of apples they give you one short as the say dust on the scales make it one pound. As regards the Space being eaten up, well that's progress for you, XP and NTFS and Restore say's it all. That's how they make you keep buying a PC with a bigger Hard Drive and CPU etc. Don't Worry I'm just a grumpy old man

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:45 30 Dec 2004

11g gone in maths (1G =1024mb etc) and formatting (MBR)

44g gone in windows and what other porgams /data you have installed.

FAT32 or NTFS? NTFS saves space.

  woodchip 23:51 30 Dec 2004

NTFS create extra files for security. it a fallacy that it saves space

  aceguy 23:56 30 Dec 2004

yeh i had a look at a site that explained where the 11gb had gone thats that sorted. as i sais i used to use a programme that showed in a pie chart what was using the disk space.

  aceguy 00:06 31 Dec 2004

i just found the programme to read the hard disk usage. click here it has a 30 day trial period.

  aceguy 00:22 31 Dec 2004

the diskdata programme says that in my documents and settings - aceguy(me) - local settings - temp folder has 18gb and a folder called applications data has 7gb. is this normal or can i delete any of these files???

  TomJerry 02:08 31 Dec 2004

why? because

1G= 1.024g



marketing people talking in small letter and computer take big letters

  keith-236785 07:39 31 Dec 2004

my rule of thumb for the temporary files is

sort by date by clicking on the date tab at the top, then select ALL except todays date. Delete them all.

delete all cookies as well

that should clear some space up for you, tomjerry explains the basics behind the fraudulant description of hard drive size (just my opinion)

leave the application data & local settings folders alone, they contail files needed for your system, including the location of your e-mail folders & files etc.....

just empty temporary internet files and temp folders, clear your cookies and you will gain back some space.

  aceguy 13:26 31 Dec 2004

cheers for the advice. but these folders do take alot of disk space 25gb - is that normal???

  keith-236785 08:48 02 Jan 2005

my local settings and application data are taking 26MB, if yours are taking 25 GIG then there is something definitely wrong, open local settings folder and hover your mouse over each folder, a simple report of the used size of the folder will show.

look for the one taking all the space and report back, if you are doing a lot of video editing, transfering files from AVI TO DVD for example then there might be an answer but 25gig is extreme.

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