Hard Disk S.M.A.R.T Status BAD. Backup and Replace

  underworldmagic 18:20 07 Oct 2004


I have a little problem and need some advice, im using hard drive Western Digital WD2500JD 250Gb 8mb Cache 7200rpm Serial ATA. and had it for about 7 months

Upon bootup i am recieving a message, "Hard Disk S.M.A.R.T Status BAD. Backup and Replace"

upon recieving this message i have done a little research and found out that this is a self diagnostic thing in these drives to tell you that your hard drive WILL die very soon.

I have backed up all my data and reformatted the hard drive, i could not do FULL reformat NTFS during XP setup it said "cannot format disk maybe damaged" to i selected Quick Format instead and it formatted no problem and installed windows on it.

i am not recieving the "Hard Disk S.M.A.R.T Status BAD. Backup and Replace" message now...i still want to return the hard drive and get a new one because it has been, but i fear that when i return the drive the people checking the hardware for defaults will not find anything wrong with the drive.

the noise produced by the drive has also increased, and lets off a 'whirring' sound and my computer freezes: the symptom of a failing hard disk.

will they be able to tell that the drive is to fail? i just dont want them to return the faulty drive back to me, i know that there is something wrong with the drive for sure.

  Rayuk 18:24 07 Oct 2004

Download diagnostic software from Western Digital run it and if like Maxtors it should give you an error code,which you can then give them when getting an RMA number.

  Dorsai 18:24 07 Oct 2004

"I could not do FULL reformat NTFS during XP setup it said "cannot format disk maybe damaged"

When you return the duff disk, say this.

Plus what you said about SMART. "Hard Disk S.M.A.R.T Status BAD. Backup and Replace"

If it is duff, and it sure sounds that way, it should not take them long to confirm it. All it should take is a short while for the SMART system to kick back in...

  Rayuk 18:25 07 Oct 2004

click here
Software you need is here.

  The Spires 18:25 07 Oct 2004

Go to click here & run Data Lifeguard which will let you know the state of the drive before returning it.

  underworldmagic 12:17 08 Oct 2004


thanks for your replies

I used western digital data lifeguard software from their site and it has found an error RESULT "TEST COMPLETED WITH READ ELEMENT FAILURE" error code 0007 - this is the result for the quick test which took about 5 mins

i then took the full test, this took 3 hours, and at the end of which it said: "errors resolved". im not getting any SMART messages and windows has installed successfully onto the hard drive

I still want the hard drive returned and exchanged, it is VERY dodgey. I really believe the SMART warning came on for a reason, and that the drive will fail sooner or later.

i will not RMA this drive back to Western Digital, but the store from which i purchased it from which was from ebuyer as i have just had the drive for about 7 months. the only problem is that if they dont find a fault then i dont think they will give me an exchange (or refund) i will be sending them a prontout of the results i got with the western digital data lifeguard program.

I have defraged on a regular basis whenever the drive needed it.

  Rayuk 17:11 08 Oct 2004

But the point is if they do check it and as you say the "errors resolved" and find it is in working condition,you may end up getting it back together with a bill for checking it out.

All you can do is carry on using it,just be sure to keep everything you need backed up.

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