Hard disk reported full

  [DELETED] 17:51 11 Nov 2003

I am running a P111 450 under Win98 SE. It has a 10GB hard drive.
I have been using Nero to copy disks.
Now, however, Nero, and other programs, give messages that the hard disk is full.
When I go to Disk C Properties it shows 6GB used and 4GB free, which I have been working on for some time. However, Scandisk does report that the disk is fully used. Scandisk reports no errors.

10,536,328 KB total
38,322,176 bytes in 4442 folders
198,492,160 bytes in 384 hidden files
10,251,520 KB in 73,581 user files
54,829,056 bytes available on disk
8192 in each allocation unit
1,317,041 total allocation units on disk
6,693 available allocation units

I have also totted up the sizes of all the files on Disk C in Windows Explorer and that comes to approximately the 6GB I expected.
The disk was fully defragged a couple of weeks ago, quickly and with no problems. I tried another defrag after scandisk but stopped it after 12 hours when it had struggled to 86% and didn't seem to be making any further progress.
I use Norton anti-virus and nothing has been reported.

I wonder if anyone has an idea why there are conflicting reports on how full the disk is, and in fact why it should now appear to be full when the totals of all files shows the disk to be only 60% full.

  [DELETED] 18:42 11 Nov 2003

you are probabbly losing space to a lot of File 'slack', remember that the smallest allocateable space on your drive (under FAT32 on a10G drive) is in the region of 8KB so any small files of just a few bytes, text files and so forth still use up 8KB each,
I suggest you go through your system and get savage with the tidying up, then archive as many of your old files that you do not need regularly into Zip folders which cut out the slack.

  [DELETED] 22:35 11 Nov 2003

Thank you horiz5 for your response. I have deleted some programs and files and that has created space. But I am still at a loss to understand why Scandisk and Disk C Properties give conflicting results. Any ideas?

  [DELETED] 17:41 12 Nov 2003


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