Hard Disk Replacement Advice

  Mary144 13:32 02 Feb 2010

I have a Fujitsu Amilo Si 1848 laptop and am getting a SMART Failure Predicted on Hard Disk 2 error message when I turn the machine on. My initial reaction was to replace the laptop but after researching it seems this may be an opportunity to upgrade the hard disk. The problem is I have no idea what is compatible with my laptop and given the error message states Hard Disk 2 I am unclear as to whether I need to replace 1 or 2 disks. The existing hard disk is WDC WD1200BEVS-07LAT0 which I believe is no longer available anyway. Grateful for any help or advice as to how to proceed.

  wee eddie 13:39 02 Feb 2010

As you will need to transfer Windows or buy a new copy.

I am not qualified to tell you about the suitability of Hard Drives, but I get the impression that all "Small Form" Laptop Drives are interchangeable. In other words the 'outer shell' takes up the same space.

  Pamy 14:05 02 Feb 2010

I believe that your laptop has one HDD of 120Gb capacity and will be partitioned drives 1 & 2 or C & D. The drive2 or D will more than likely hold a restore program that would allow you to restore the computer to as it was when you first bought it new. As drive 2 seams to be failing you nead to get an "image" of the whole HDD with something like Acronis soon. If you just replace the HDD with a new one, you will not have an operating system to put on it.

  Mary144 15:16 02 Feb 2010

Thanks Pamy and eddie, I have already backed up my personal data and can reinstall applications from original CDs. My confusion and concern is more with replacing the HDD with something that's incompatible. Do you know, are all HDDs interchangeable, not just in size but will work with any laptop and other existing components of the laptop?

  Pamy 16:03 02 Feb 2010

If you put a new HDD in then it will work with all the existing components because it is blank,

Not all HDD will fit, the main problem could be their thickness.

I know you said you have backed everything up, but do you have an image of your operating system (XP, Vista etc) or do you have an operating sytem disk to install?

  natdoor 16:26 02 Feb 2010

Just in case you were not aware, your hard-drive has a Sata interface according to the specification, so be sure to get another Sata drive rather than Pata (IDE). Sata is the newer interface and most drives sold now are Sata

  Peter 17:02 02 Feb 2010


I think what you need to do is to establish which larger drives are suitable for your laptop and then use Acronis, or a similar programme, to CLONE the present drive onto the new one. The Fujitsu website may have a contact email address you could ask your question or FAQs which might provide an answer.

With a Cloned drive there is no need to re-install the operating system or your programmes or your data. With the newly Cloned drive in place the computer will appear as it was when the Clone was made, except that you will have more space on your drive, and in your case hopefully a correctly functioning hard drive.

I've just done this for my netbook and have upgraded from an 80GB drive to a 320GB and then 500GB drive, more out of interest than necessity. I put the new drive in a USB external drive enclosure during the Cloning process. After I had put the new drive in the netbook I put the original drive in the external enclosure as a backup measure.

If you Google your hard drive details - WD1200BEVS-07LAT0 - the Western Digital site should be able to provide details of your present hard drive's physical size. If you then try WD3200BEVS-07LAT0 and WD5000BEVS-07LAT0 you can check to see if a 320GB or 500GB drive will fit physically in place of you 120GB drive.

Remember that taking you laptop apart to fit the newly cloned drive can be rather fiddly, but you may be able to find instructions on the web. I did that for my netbook and found a video of how to do it.


  ronalddonald 17:12 02 Feb 2010

feel you have the confidence you could open the laptop, (i take it its not under warranty) and have look inside to see what type of hard rive it is then buy one over the net, b4 you do that make sure you ground yourself first. Second when you c the hard rive write down the details on a piece of paper and then Google on how to replace a sata drive, most laptops should have sata drive but look at the one inside your machine to c if its pata or sata.

  ronalddonald 17:14 02 Feb 2010

do what mary suggests, get hold of external drive and use acronis. Acronis can help clone a whole drive. this would be cheaper than buying a sata or pata, and i use acronis. you can get acronis from amazon

  ronalddonald 17:14 02 Feb 2010

do what mary suggests, get hold of external drive and use acronis. Acronis can help clone a whole drive. this would be cheaper than buying a sata or pata, and i use acronis. you can get acronis from amazon

  ronalddonald 17:38 02 Feb 2010

for the duplicate i meant peter not you mary

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