hard disk recovery/converting fat32 to NTFS

  GBM 04:50 19 Aug 2004

im really hoping someone can help me. I tried to solve this on my own with a little success. I brought a hard disk that was operating on NTFS to a computer shop to have it installed as a second hard disk drive on my computer. It was off another computer i owned and had 40 gigs of files on it.. my computer is running on fat32 so the hard disk had to be converted to Fat32. It was installed correctly however the 40gigs of information on the newly installed drive had vanished. Also the hard disk drive that was previously about 40 gigs in NTFS was now 31 gigs in Fat32..The computer shop had no skill in data recovery so I downloaded loads of recovery programs with some success before i came across R-Studio-FAT..It was able to find about 30 gigs of files.Smaller files could be recovered however i had hundreds of large video files of which i was only able to recover a small precentage.. It could find them but not recover them

Sorry about the longevity of this but my main question is if i convert the drive back to NTFS will the drive be 40gigs again and can i recover everything..??if ive left out any valuable information id be glad to supply it..

Thanks in advance

  User-312386 05:37 19 Aug 2004


if you convert the drive to NTFS then all data will be LOST

If the video files mean so much to you i would take the drive to a data recovery specialist

I would stop using the drive immediately as if it is still in use then there is a danger of files being overwritten

  GBM 19:17 20 Aug 2004

ok thanks for the warning, a specialist it is.

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