Hard Disk problem

  Chas49 21:28 05 Sep 2008

I have a problem with an XP operated computer which I haven’t a clue how to resolve. It dates back quite a long time as, until now, a young neighbour has been using it for the use of MSN Messenger. He has now moved to Canada so the computer is free again.

Some time ago I had reason to restore an Acronis image to this computer, it was corrupt. That left the computer is a state where the recovery disk, for whatever reason, failed to work and I couldn’t even format the disk. I was advised to install and use Ubunti, did so and was able to reformat and use the recovery disk. The computer works OK but, and it’s a big but, the primary partition instead of being ‘C; ‘ it was ‘H’ – It can’t be altered back to ‘C’ – its size also was reduced to 189gb instead of the 230 odd gb it should be. I would imagine that the difference is the Ubuntu program and this will have the drive letter ‘C’ . I have used a partition program but it can’t see this C Partition at all.

All programs work with the exception of Codemasters Toca 3 – this, apparently needs to see a partition ‘C’.

Has anyone come across this before and know a solution to it?

  m800afc 05:38 06 Sep 2008

A similar thing happened to me. After a lot of piddling about, nothing resolved the problem. In the end I did a full re-installation of XP. If you can backup as much as possible, borrow an external drive if you have to, and then an XP install, formatting the old problem drive. I agree its a bit drastic, but it worked for me.

  Chas49 09:16 06 Sep 2008


Reinstalling XP from the recovery disk after doing a format didn't work for me as it obviously didn't format the part with Ubunto on it. Ubunto, by the way, does not appear when using a partitioner, it seems that it is 'invisible' to the programs capable of removing it.

I have toyed with the idea of getting a new internal hard drive, putting the OS on that and use the present one as a slave when all is OK.

Can anyone tell me if you can install XP off a recovery disk. I would think that it is possible as, after all, it is the same computer that it was intended for.

  Chas49 09:18 06 Sep 2008

Install XP from the recovery disk to the New Hard disk is what I meant.

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