hard disk problem

  joshbear 16:42 06 Sep 2004

My computer seems to take forever to boot up now - only started happening in the last few days. Hard disc has been defragmented and is OK. I noticed it particularly when I tried to capture some video - program tested the C drive ans said that the data transfer rate was too slow - never had this problem before. The hard drive does seem to working very hard when doing even the simpliest thing. CD burning also not good with error messages about slow transfer rate. Is the hard drive on its way out or is there a simple explanation? I run windows xp and hard disk ia aaprox 1 yr old. Help!!

  chugby 20:21 06 Sep 2004

probably windows needs a good clear out
also check to see what tasks running as maybe
too many. Video Capture very intensive on system
resources so close any unused programs, particularly AV.

click here

click here

click here

  Androcles 20:37 06 Sep 2004

chugby is right this is the one you need:-click here
CCleaner - Crap Cleaner software download

  joshbear 22:05 06 Sep 2004

Thanks for the info although I have checked that no other tasks are running whilst capturing video or burning CDs. However tonight, the motherboard (Asus A7N8X) boot up self test stated that the memory had failed (one 512K DIMM PC2700)although this cleared on the third restart. Could this be affecting the computers performance? How can I check?

  chugby 20:37 07 Sep 2004

if you want to check hardisk/memory the ultimate
bootdisk site provides a number of utilities,
see click here
(courtesy of Chegs ®)

although not used myself, understand the Memtest86 popular (also incl in above link) but can take a while if settings not right. see click here

found Crucial site good in past for troubleshooting memory
click here

as always, backup before making any changes.

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