Hard disk partition

  sarsi 17:30 15 Nov 2003

I have just made a partition to my hard disk, is it possible to put back my original hard disk partition.

  pj123 17:38 15 Nov 2003

How did you do it?

  howard60 17:43 15 Nov 2003

if you used partition magic yes it is easy and you will not lose any info. If you used fdisk you can just delete the partition and set it up as previous but you will lose all information on it.

  Diemmess 17:44 15 Nov 2003

Yes, if that is ALL you have done,though it depends on the software, and what is on the HD.
If any part of the OS or any installed applications are on the extra partition you may have big trouble.

The aim is to allocate the whole HD to C: drive, but be very sure nothing is on the drive you are merging with C: before you do so. If there is some dat there move it to C: first.

Probably safer to enjoy having more than one partiton. Don't go back unless the need is overwhelming.

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