Hard Disk not recognised - pls pls help - novice

  pchelp 12:50 22 Nov 2003

Pls can anyone help me. My computer was in the middle of scanning for virus (using AVG) and it hung. Since then I have not been able to access hard disk drive. Won't boot, nothing. I have 2 hard disk drive in and can boot windows 98 from 2nd HD only. Does anyone have any solutions?
I have not backed up info and really need to access HD.

someone mentioned something re: slave and master, but I need easy instructions on this.

  Cuddles 13:29 22 Nov 2003

On each hard drive there are jumpers, these need to be set, hard drive you have your operating system on needs to be MASTER and second drive should be set to SLAVE, do you have anything else connected to the hard drive ribbon cables, for example cd-rom or cd-rewriter? Check the cables and make sure they are inserted fully or switch cables over from one hard drive to the other.

  woodchip 14:28 22 Nov 2003

If you are Win98 you can run Scandisk from DOS you should also be able to run your Anti Virus from DOS if you know the name of the Anti Virus .EXE file. You just start with the Win98 Floppy disc then change to C:\ and run the file. You could also try this, After you have started with Win98 Floppy disc, at A:\> type Scanreg/Restore so it looks like this

A:\>Scanreg/Restore press enter and choose an old date and press enter

  pchelp 23:26 26 Nov 2003

Thanks for replies. I had both hard drives set up as masters, and changed them accordingly. On first boot PC recognised both, then I ran a scandisk and it crashed and since then have not been able to recognise slave drive. Nothing else is connected to the hard drive cables.

Any more suggestions?

  DieSse 23:33 26 Nov 2003

Please tell us how many hard drive cables you are using - what type of cables, and how your hard drives are fitted to them. It's not clear from the above, and it's important.

I'm not sure why you think anything needed changing, if the system was originally working. Since with both drives set as masters on the same cable it could never work - there must be something you haven't told us.

  pchelp 21:09 01 Dec 2003

I set up the CD-ROM drive as a master and both of the hard disks are set up as slaves. This seems to have worked for the mo! Many thanks for all the suggestions.

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