Hard disk killer?

  Aristocatman 15:29 26 Jun 2004

I think my old trusty 2nd string P3 PC has become a hard drive killer. It started a couple of weeks ago sudden crashes investigation revealed that the CPU fan was stopping after about 5-15 minutes of use I got a new fan from Maplins cleaned up inside the 'box'cough splutter lots of dust. After a week or so rebooting started problems chcdsk reported corrupt files & repaired or truncated them. I ran Maxtors diagnostic floppy & had problems with tests, would not recertify disk & kept crashing. tried D drive an identical 40Gb Maxtor disk more problems. Tried to reboot wouldn't start reported boot sector corruption. finally took an old drive from another PC that was working installed it - booted up got to users screen (XP Pro) & crashed - rebooted crashed before POST completed.
I tried the original disks in another PC (yes I did reset the jumpers) nothing! didn't even see them. One thing I had noticed prior to failure the hard drive light was full on a lot more than usual & for long periods.
I seem to have 3 buggered Hard drives & a dead PC any ideas power supply maybe?

  Stowit 16:24 26 Jun 2004

I'm sure someone will know otherwise, but I'd have thought the danger to the HDD would be from the power rather than data. Can you test the PSu's not gone funny & has managed to put out an elevated supply?

  Aristocatman 16:36 26 Jun 2004

I'll dig out the Mainboard handbook I think it lists the PSU volts.
I have suffered power supply over volts before but it was only slightly high but enough to blow the main board after about a year of use. I think I'll get my local repair company to check it out they have plug in test rigs & can test very quickly & very reasonable none of this £50 up front before we look (PC World) They found the PSU problem last time.
Usual other problem backup not up to date - what is best backup for so many gigs of data? CD's just not big enough!

  Diemmess 17:06 26 Jun 2004

Buying a new PC for my son a year or 2 ago, (I was to put windows on it), I managed to wreck 3 successive HDs without installing Windows. In the end the seller had the box back twice before it all worked and is still working after 3 years.

The disks were reporting up to 30% bad sectors, I was never told what was done but I suspect a CPU or RAM fault simply scrambled the data so that the disk was blamed for having corrupt sectors!

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