Hard disk has suddenly filled up

  Akinbiyi 05:48 28 Oct 2003

I am running XP home with FAT32 file system. On a 15Gb disk, I normally have around 4.5Gb free. I now suddenly have only 1.5Gb free. I haven't downloaded any programs and all the visible directories included hidden files are the normal size. Anyone any idea what could have happened or can let me know of a utility that will allow me to see all the files on my hard disk?

  temp003 08:15 28 Oct 2003

In windows 2000, when you search for files and folders, there are certain search options (and I assume XP has the same options). If you tick the date box, you get further options, such as files modified, files created and so on. Explore the options and see if you can pin down what recent additions or modifications you have.

A bit clumsy but that's what comes to mind.

  temp003 08:22 28 Oct 2003

To see hidden files, in My Computer, click Tools, Folder Options, View tab, tick "Show hidden files and folders" and untick "Hide protected operating system files". But if you haven't been used to seeing what hidden files and folders there are, seeing them now probably won't enable you to tell whether they're legitimate.

You can also check for spyware by downloading spybot s & d or adaware, but I doubt even the worst offenders will download 3GB all of a sudden.

When was the last time you saw that you still had 4.5GB free space?

  User-312386 08:37 28 Oct 2003

It is most probably your system restore hogging all the HD space

Turn it off then turn it back on


  Akinbiyi 19:37 28 Oct 2003

Hi Madboy33.

Spot on! For some reason, over the last week, it had used up all that space. So now I am back to my 4.5Gb until System Restore goes mad again. It was set to use about 750Mb, but for some reason had ignored that limit.


  User-312386 20:44 28 Oct 2003

Glad to be of service

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