Hard disk full. Access denied. Can't run msconfig

  Pineman100 17:17 27 Nov 2008

An elderly neighbour has a 1-yr-old Vista Basic desktop that she bought from a home shopping catalogue (!). A while ago it gave her some problems so she sent it to the repair company whose insurance cover was provided with the computer.

They reloaded Vista and sent it back to her. Since that point, the following problems have been apparent:

The computer boots successfully into the Vista desktop. As soon as it's done this, the following report appears: "C:\Windows\system32\SystemPropertiesComputerName.exe. The parameter is incorrect. Access is denied."

I tried to run msconfig, thinking that I would untick the above .exe from the startup list, but msconfig wouldn't run. I got the following report: "Hard disk is full. Access denied".

I looked at the C: drive parameters and it does show the hard drive as completely full. But apart from Vista, she has almost nothing installed on the computer, so I simply don't believe this report.

I tried running System Restore (without much confidence, because it seems to me that there's nothing to restore to), but I got the following report: "C:\System32\rstrui.exe. The parameter is incorrect."

Withe same lack of confidence, I also tried "Last known good configuration", without any effect. Fairly obvious, really, because there is no last good configuration since Vista was reinstalled.

Whatever you try to do, in the way of launching software, you get the same report - hard disk is full.

What this woman should do, of course, is get the repairers to take it away and fix properly. But they've already told her "it was working fine when it left here", and she's nervous about complaining again. So I'd like to help her if I can.

Does anyone have any ideas please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:25 27 Nov 2008

I looked at the C: drive parameters and it does show the hard drive as completely full. But apart from Vista, she has almost nothing installed on the computer, so I simply don't believe this report.

Hard drive size?

Two versions of vista on the drive? (hence the C:\Windows\system32\SystemPropertiesComputerName.exe. The parameter is incorrect. Access is denied.)

delete the entry from Autoruns click here

  Pineman100 18:07 27 Nov 2008

Do you think that tgwo versions of Vista would completely fill the hard drive on a 1-yr-old computer?

I can't the check the size of the HDD at present. The old dear has gone away for tonight.

I've got Autoruns on my computer, but the download file is a .zip. I don't think her computer would allow me to install Winzip, in order to extract the file. So I'm stuffed.

I don't suppose it would work to extract Autoruns on to a USB stick and run it on her computer from there, would it? I presume no registry entry would prevent that?

Any more thoughts, please?

  hiwatt 18:19 27 Nov 2008

System restore on windows vista takes up HUGE amounts of hardrive space in it's default settings.So if there's 2 versions of vista both with SR turned on I think it would.Turn of SR and see what happens?

  Pineman100 18:25 27 Nov 2008

I'll give that a try tomorrow. But, bearing in mind the computer only came back from the "repairers" last week, would SR have accumulated enough restore points to cause the HDD to fill up?

Even if there are two Vistas on the drive, presumably only one of them would set automatic restore points at any one time?

Or have I misunderstood how SR works?

  Pineman100 18:28 27 Nov 2008

...one more thing!

Being an XP user, I'm not familiar with how SR works in Vista. I think its functions have been split up, haven't they?

How do you turn it off in Vista, please?

  aine 18:59 27 Nov 2008

file:///C:/Users/doug/Pictures/Capture.JPG I dont know if this will be readable

  aine 19:03 27 Nov 2008

Copy this and paste it in address bar, it does work I have tried it. good luck Aine

  hiwatt 19:24 27 Nov 2008

System restore was using up 3-4GB a DAY on my vista computer.My hardrive space was disappearing so if it's turned on you'll free up a lot of space by turning it off.Yo do this go to start and right click computer and click on properties.Click on system protection and untick the box for each drive.

  MAJ 19:37 27 Nov 2008

That will be a picture on your computer. We can't see pictures on your computer, unless you upload them somewhere and post the link here, Imageshack for example. click here

  Pineman100 08:14 28 Nov 2008

I've got several things to try, now. I'll post back when I've visited the woman again.

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