Hard Disk Failure - Samsung Laptop (RV510)

  Kate of Wales 22:54 19 Mar 2014

My Samsung RV-510 laptop had a HD failure yesterday so I have replaced it with a new HD. The laptop came with Windows 7 Home Premium installed on the HD - so I am now trying to install Windows 7 onto the new HD.

As I have the genuine Windows serial key on a sticker at the bottom of the laptop, I thought it would be quite easy to download Windows, save it to disk and re-install it. This has not been very easy.

I downloaded Win 7 Home Premium and when I tried to install Windows onto the new HD - it said it was unable to use the new HD as a boot drive - please enable this in the BIOS (? This isn't the exact wording but this is what it was getting at.) Having accessed the BIOS, it is in there in the list ready to go so I don't understand why it won't work. The DVD Drive is set as the primary boot location as it contains the Windows files, the new HD is set as the secondary boot location.

If anyone can please offer any advice or assistance I'll be very grateful.

  Number six 23:51 19 Mar 2014


Have you tried partitioning/formatting new HD with another other program before trying windows setup? Several programs available which can be run from CD or USB drive.

  Kate of Wales 15:23 20 Mar 2014

Hi, thanks for your reply.

The new HD was formatted for me by our IT guy at work before I brought it home but no other programs have been tested on it - is there any particular you would suggest?


  onthelimit1 18:28 20 Mar 2014

Does the laptop boot from the DVD OK, and do you get that message some way into the install process?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:32 20 Mar 2014

Only the 64-bit versions of Windows Vista, 7, and 8 support UEFI booting on x86-64 systems; earlier versions and 32-bit versions of the OS can only install or boot in BIOS mode.

Did you download a windows 7 32bit iso?

  Kate of Wales 11:31 21 Mar 2014

Hi everyone thanks for the replies.

I have tried a different HDD this morning and it has allowed me to install programs with no problem. It's weird because the one which gave me error messages works fine in 2 other laptops we've tried, just not my Samsung.

One more question I have is about the original Windows 7 Home Premium OS which came with my laptop (pre-installed onto the HD. Now that HD has failed and been replaced, will I be able to legally use that serial for Win 7 on my new HD as it's still on the original laptop I purchased? I'm unsure if I need to contact Microsoft and obtain a different serial or if they'll allow me to use the one I already have as it's only being used on one machine, the original one it was bought for?

Thanks again.


  Kate of Wales 11:38 21 Mar 2014

Onthelimit1 - It boots from DVD fine but I didn't have the original disk for Windows it was pre-installed onto my laptop along with a sticker with the serial key.

Fruit Bat - I have downloaded a Win 7 32bit iso which now seems to be working OK thank you :) I had problems finding it at first took me a while but got there in the end.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:44 21 Mar 2014

will I be able to legally use that serial for Win 7 on my new HD as it's still on the original laptop

yes that's the number you need to activate your copy of windows 7.

  Kate of Wales 17:14 21 Mar 2014

Brilliant, thank you. I am now up and running finally!

You've all been very helpful.


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