hard disk failure help needed

  sara2000 16:13 24 Aug 2003

hi, please can someone help,
when i switch my computer on it starts off loading and peeps as normal, then a message comes up "PRIMARY MASTER HARD DISK FAIL" i was told i needed a new hard drive so i bought one and connected it all up but when i switch my computer on it still does the same
any ideas????????
please help!!

  DieSse 16:21 24 Aug 2003

Have you tried fitting a new IDE cable too? - might be well worth a go.

Have you tried a different power plug into the drive - perhaps that's bad.

And can you tell us a litle more about your system please.

There's also the unlikely, but still slightly possible chance, that the new drive is faulty too.

  T0SH 16:41 24 Aug 2003

You will need to partition,format and install an operating system on the new hard drive before you can use it
The exact how to depends on what version of Windows you have

For Win 9x or Me
click here

For Win XP
click here

Cheers HC

  sara2000 16:41 24 Aug 2003

thanx DieSse,
will give ur suggestions ago and let u know

  sara2000 16:49 24 Aug 2003

thanx tosh,
my computer is windows 98
i'm not thick honnest just dont no much about computers
can i partition,format and install an operating system on the new hard drive whilst my computer is down i cant even get it to go to the windows 98 start up screen it just freezes whilst loading up then displays the message about hard drive failure.

  anchor 17:14 24 Aug 2003

Can you boot your PC using a Win-98 boot floppy disc?. If so, you can access format, f-disc, etc: from there.

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