Hard disk dropped - is it dead?

  originalmiscellany 18:40 09 May 2005

I have a portable 2 1/2 inch hard disk which I use to back up my work on - in a self contained caddy. Sadly last night I dropped it (approximately one foot onto the floor).
Today, it appears to not work. The Hard disc seems to be making the right whirring noises, the "adapter" where my USB cable goes seems firmly connected to the HD. So what could be wrong, and is it fixable?

When I connect the USB cable to the hd, it whirrs away but nothing happens! All that happens is the light alternates from Green to Red (approx 3 seconds on each colour, which repeats indefinitely).

Also, if I leave the portable drive connected, then it after 2 or 3 minutes appears on my hard drive, but then comes up with a "Semafore" error.

Please advise me on what I can do to get my precious data off my back up drive!

Many thanks

  ICF 18:45 09 May 2005

What make is it?Have you looked on the manufactures website for info?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:48 09 May 2005

Not sure if this is a drive error or caddy error?

Tried plugging the drive directly into a laptop?

  Stuartli 18:48 09 May 2005

Knocks and bumps are among a HDD's worst enemies.

There's plenty of information about getting data off using Google, but you just might have to use a specialist in this case.

  originalmiscellany 18:58 09 May 2005

I'm off round a friends who has a 2 1/2 inch hard disk caddy built into his computer to see if it is recognised. If it is, then there may yet be hope!

  joseph K 19:01 09 May 2005

I'm afraid that I tend to agree with Stuartli. The inner workings of a HDD are very simple, but unfortunately very sensitive.

  originalmiscellany 19:40 09 May 2005

it's dead. RIP! Not good. Will get a new HD soon for back up purposes, this time one which is better padded!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:48 09 May 2005

Hard disk checks before you condemn it
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200 ways to repair a HDD
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  Taff36 23:58 10 May 2005

Bookmarked. Thanks Fruit Bat!

  DieSse 00:10 11 May 2005

Also check inside the caddy that it's not something simple like a loose cable.

  GRFT 06:53 11 May 2005

A few years ago my PC case toppled off the desktop and crashed to the carpeted floor, front panel first.
Naturally, I thought all was lost, but on powering up again I was amazed when everything worked as usual, including the Hitachi hard drive, and continued to do so for months until upgraded. So don't give up hope!

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