Drusen 17:01 14 Feb 2010

Just before Christmas, my PC’s graphics card failed. I installed a new one, but the PC would not boot up. The error code that appeared suggested that the hard disk might be failing - according to PCNextday who supplied the PC in Oct 2006. The technician there told me how to run CHKDSK, using the Windows XP installation disk.

CHKDSK found errors and fixed them, but there were no bad sectors. I finished the installation of the graphics card and all was well until the end of January when Windows would not load (the PC only got as far as the Windows XP display with the blue squares moving across the bottom of the screen and then a blank, black screen appeared).

After the bother with the graphics card, I decided to take the PC to my local repair shop. The technician managed to get Windows to load and thought that the problem may have been the fault of a Windows update that had not installed properly. When I got home, my wife discovered that her account had been corrupted and will have to be rebuilt.

I did a CHKDSK yesterday, prior to backing up the hard drive using Acronis. This took far longer than usual and more errors were found. Here are 2 of them:

“Correcting error in index $I30 for file 65745.”

“Recovering orphaned file CDRIP_1u.dpm (72190) into directory file 65745.”

Again, there were no bad sectors.

I did the Acronis back up today and it took 7 hours – it usually takes just over one. The hard drive does not seem, generally, to be as fast as it used to be before the problem with the graphics card - booting up takes much longer.(I have a 250Gb disk with 173Gb of free space.)

Strangely, when the DVD drive is used, the hard drive makes a single clunking noise. It usually only makes this noise when the PC is shut down. It started doing this after the problem with the graphics card.

Sorry for such a long tale. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  Pineman100 18:47 14 Feb 2010

Most hard drive manufacturers provide health-checking software as a free download, on their websites.

For example, here's the Seagate one: click here

You might want to check the manufacturer's website for your HDD, to see whether they have something similar.

  Drusen 10:57 15 Feb 2010

Thanks for that. I'll give that a try.

  Terry Brown 12:47 15 Feb 2010

This link may help you to understand better.
Terry click here

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