Hard disk data inaccessible after Windows reinstal

  DanWestern 20:55 05 Jan 2004

I have an AMD Athlon 2000 system with an 80Gb primary boot drive and a secondary slave 160Gb Maxtor ATA drive which I installed a few weeks ago with no problems. This secondary drive was set up with just one 160Gb partition. I had around 80Gb of media files stored on this hard disk.

Yesterday I reinstalled Windows XP Home over my existing Windows XP installation on my C drive. This all went well apart from the fact that now Windows is telling me that the secondary hard disk is not formatted. I tried running Maxtor's diagnostic software and that tells me that the disk is fine. It also seems to say that there is one 33Gb partition on the disk. Does anyone know what is happening, and is there anything I can do to retrieve my data?

  leo49 21:00 05 Jan 2004

Have you installed SP1 and Maxtor's Big Drive Enabler?

  DanWestern 21:20 05 Jan 2004

No I havent.. what does that do? Bear in mind that the drive was working fine before I reinstalled windows...

  TBH1 21:27 05 Jan 2004

I had a similar problem to this a few months ago, and a few months before that tho my system is a w98se one. It is documented on this forum somwhere, and probably nothing to do with your particular problem as your running xp. It was caused by GoBack - - a utility I believe that is not run under XP as XP has its own type of restore jobbie.
I had a 60gb master and 40gb slave - - GoBack on both. I had need to re-install operating system - - thats when the slave went AWOL. Managed to get it back via a testdisk utility and thought nothing more of it - - till my master drive went belly up; installed a temporary 2gb jobbie just to get PC running again and the same thing happened. Being 'for-armed', ran testdisk4,4 again and away I went. Did not re-install GoBack at this time as my system was only 'temporary' whilst my 60gb drive was replaced. When said drive was returned, and w98se re-installed, I wopped GoBack back on - - thats when I saw a message saying that the root directory (or something similar) of the slave drive had something or other from GoBacl already on it and di I want to continue, or something. I replied yes and away I went, everything back to normal.

Sorry about vagueness

  leo49 21:27 05 Jan 2004

I'm also bearing in mind that when I installed a pair of Maxtor 160gb HDDs a few weeks ago, I consulted the Maxtor site and it said both SP1 and the utility had to be installed for the full size to recognised. Therefore I did and it was.

  LeadingMNMs 21:29 05 Jan 2004

I think that win XP doesn't recognise drives over a certain size without SP1 installed. If you can download this it may help (though it's quite big if your on dialup).

  DanWestern 22:18 05 Jan 2004

Thanks for the replies so far.. I installed SP1 and Big Drive Enabler, but that hasnt solved it. Windows still tells me that the drive is not formatted.

  DanWestern 20:56 18 Jan 2004

The diagnostic utility I used is PowerMax from Maxtor and this is the information it shows when I I run it and it says that the drive is working correctly:

Model#: Maxtor 6Y160P0
Cylinders: 65531
Heads: 63
SPT: 63
Max LBA: 66055248

This however is at odds with what BIOS says about the drive:

Cylinders: 1024
Heads: 255
Sector: 63
CHS Capacity: 8422Mb
Max LBA Capacity: 33820 Mb

Why the discrepancy?

One other thing, the first time round I got the drive working the MaxBlast 3software from Maxtor which formatted the drive installed some software called DDO (Dynamic Drive Overlay) which apparently enables large drives to be used more efficiently. This however now appears to be gone as the DDO banner no longer shows up during the bootup. Maybe this could have something to do with it, but I am not sure how to install the DDO software without formatting the drive again with MaxBlast 3.

  temp003 11:42 19 Jan 2004

It's likely that you've lost the DDO after the reinstall. click here**&p_li= to see if that's what you should do. If so, you'll need to create the Maxblast3 bootable CD or the set of boot floppies. Take care before you do it. If in doubt, contact Maxtor support.

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