Hard Disk Crash!

  RLMTS 19:39 02 Jan 2008

Right, here goes!.....
(and by the way, I know I should have taken more care backing up etc! lol>)

A few days ago my pc failed to boot, it got stuck in a loop ... starting windows then re-booting, etc etc.

Safe mode would not work either... just froze after a page full of dos mode text (loading stuff)

The PC was runng with 2 SATA drives, drive 0 had op system and some progs, drive 1 had mainly data.

I have since installed a temp PATA drive at IDE address 0 and loaded XP Pro to this drive. I can now boot off this drive.

I was hoping to recover some data from the windows op system drive (SATA 0) Especially my recent exchange of emails in Outlook Express to do with my business.(And my Address book)

But if the 'op sys drive' is plugged into to any of the 2 SATA interfaces the machine freezes during boot. If I plug in the other SATA drive (data) the system boots fine and I can access the SATA data drive.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can access the data on the faulty 'op system' drive?

BTW during boot with both SATAs plugged in, the dos style boot process reports the existence of both Sata Seagate Drives and their reference numbers correctly.

And with either one of the Satas plugged in independantly the boot process reports existence correctly.

I have also fitted the 'op sys' drive into a SATA LAN Caddy, add using the supplied caddy software I was able to locate the drive on my network, with the prog reporting the existence of a Seagate drive, but the only access choice given was 'Drive is not formatted so do you want to format it!

Is this quest a dead loss, or what?
Any ideas anyone?

Thanks, Rich.

  ICF 19:47 02 Jan 2008

Have tried downloading diagnostic tools from the seagate site to see if the drive is US
click here

I have just repaired a MBR on a samsung drive I thought was US with tools from samsung.

  RLMTS 20:03 02 Jan 2008

Hi ICF, thanks for your reply.

I forgot to say that I have a bootable utility CD from 'PCBeginners' which I booted from when the suspect drive was connected. On the CD was some Seagate utilities, one of which was used to test the drive.

It reported the drive as 'PASSED' (hardware I guess) but there were 'multiple failures' to do with file structure? I beleive.

To double check I will have to get it back out of the Caddy and reinstall it in here, then run the test again.

Is MBR the boot sector or something?


  RLMTS 20:06 02 Jan 2008

The worry for me is that even though the faulty drive could be seen by utility software, it prevented the PC from booting even though machine was booting from XP on the new IDE PATA drive?

  ICF 20:20 02 Jan 2008

Memory boot record

  ICF 20:20 02 Jan 2008

master boot record

  RLMTS 20:56 02 Jan 2008

So do you think I need to repair the MBR?
If so, how is this done?
I've just downloaded the latest Seagate utilities, will look on there for a tool.

  RLMTS 09:17 03 Jan 2008

The Seagate DOS Utility is currently doing the 'Long Test' I'm not sure what, if anything I can do when I see the result, hopefully it will tell me!?

The drive failed the 'Short Test'


  RLMTS 10:25 03 Jan 2008

The Seagate Utility found an error 'testing LBA 6314378'? and asked if I wished to repair it (which I did) and now the machine will boot while this drive is still connected.

Also, I can now see the 'faulty' drive in 'My Computer' as drive D: and it still has directories and data!

I am not sure how much info survived, I would think that some data was destroyed when the drive failed or during repair?

Now I just need to find my emails and addresses somehow (assuming they are still there!)

Do you have any idea where to look and what file types I may be trying to find?


  ICF 19:39 03 Jan 2008

Your address book is in C:\Program Files\Outlook Express

Your emails are in C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\<GUID>\Microsoft\Outlook Express

It might be easier to do a search for dbx files

  ICF 19:42 03 Jan 2008

You will have to select show hidden file and folders to view some of the above folders

My computer,Tools,Folder Options,View then select show hidden files and folders.

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