Hard disk capacity error

  cyclingbill 11:53 09 Feb 2005

Just replaced my HD on Windows 98SE system. Old HD was 40GB 7200RPM, new one same capacity and speed.Reloaded OS from CD. Changed to Fat 32 after reload. Tried reloading OS still2GB
System has only detected a 2GB HD.
Help I'm not to familiar with computers just want one that meets my needs

  Chezdez 12:04 09 Feb 2005

go into your BIOS (tap delete as computer boots), it should tell you in there what the computer is detecting the drive as (most probably on the first screen you see)

  Chezdez 08:03 10 Feb 2005

e-mail from cycling bill


This just confirms that the system has detected incorrectly. If I can't correct this I will have to reformatt and start again. Bill

So the what did the BIOS say the harddisk was?

and please keep everything on the thread, other people may be able to chip in, or learn, cheers

  wobblymike 09:41 10 Feb 2005

I guess you used a WIN 98 BOOT DISC TO format if so this may well be the problem as there may be a problem with your BIOS recognising large drives. If so solution is to use disc management utility for your particular hard disc i.e if its a maxtor drive use maxblast. This would if necessary apply an overlay which would allow your bios to see the full drive. If I'm in the right area and you want chapter and verse post back.

  Chezdez 16:36 10 Feb 2005

his computer shouldn't have any problems recognising the drive, it is the same size as his old one

i wonder if, when he installed it, he only made the partition a 2GB partition

if this is what he has done, he can either format and start from scratch again, or use something like fdisk and create a second partition

  cyclingbill 17:03 10 Feb 2005

It is now fixed. The problem was caused because I put a new Maxtor HD (5400rpm) in of the same capacity as the old Hitachi (7200rpm)which was not formatted.
Windows formatted it as a FAT16 which is limited to 2GB. I reformatted using Maxblaster 3 and I then had to reload all the software (not completed yet). Appart from one or little problems it seems to be working.
Thanks for the help.

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