Hard disk always in use

  turban 09:57 23 Sep 2005

I've recently noticed that my Hard Disk is always constantly in use even when I am not actually doing anything. It appears to be constantly being accessed and is slowing up anything I do.

Any ideas if this is normal or not?


Windows ME, AMD Athlon 1400, 750 MB memory, 40gb disk.


  woodchip 10:00 23 Sep 2005

Check for VIRUS

  jack 10:10 23 Sep 2005

As wood chip check infection - what A/V do you have
or go to click here for a useful- all bug checkecker.
2 Defrag the disk- this mean 'packing the data closer'- programs/accerssoresi/system tools /defrag.
This is best done at night after you have finished playing so the no back ground programs are running - simply leave it to get on with it - a mouse twitch will stop it.
Down load click here- and use at least once a week.
Take a look at the 'Start up group' - click on Start
The list of programs on the left is the Start group. right click each in turn and if you do not actually use it at start up click 'remove from group.

Now see how it runs.
If it is still busy it could then mean the begining of the end for the drive- so make sure of your of off machine back ups - ready for the inevitable.

If all this does not

  TomG 11:08 23 Sep 2005

You could try defragging in safe mode if it doesn't work in normal mode - have you checked in msconfig to see if there is a program, loaded at start up, which may be accessing the drive on a regular basis?

  turban 11:13 25 Sep 2005

Thanks for the responses. I have run Norton AntiVirus and defragged the C drive, although this took a while as the disk contents kept changing and it restarted.

There were no problems found.

I've also noticed, that, when I click a link in an e-mail when I am in BYYahoo Browser, I get a message saying there are not enough system resources tp open a further page.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:43 25 Sep 2005

How full is the HDD?

you may have to clear some space for the pageing (swap)file.

  turban 13:43 25 Sep 2005

C is 37.2 gb Drive 27gb free space. I have a 2nd disk D 74.5 gb 67.6gb free.

  Dorsai 13:56 25 Sep 2005

I think that WinME has sever problems if used with more than 512MB of Ram. Something to do with the WinME memory manager going tits up, and reserving all the ram, leaving none left for applications, if running with more than 512Mb.

It sounds like your system might suffer from this, and as a result, your PC is constantly having to access the page file, as ME thinks you have no ram left. click here

Have you just added some more ram perhaps?

Unless the system has been working fine with 720Mb Ram for ages, and this is a new problem.

  turban 16:54 25 Sep 2005

I added more RAM a while ago and all seemed OK.
How do I do what is suggested in the article linked from Dorsai? I.E.

Use the System Configuration utility to limit the amount of memory that Windows uses to 512MB or less.

Use the MaxFileCache setting in the System.ini file to reduce the maximum amount of memory that Vcache uses to 512MB (524,288 KB) or less."

Where do I go to change these settings?


  Dorsai 17:42 27 Sep 2005

Open the file SYSTEM.INI with a text editor. (Note pad should do).(It should be in the windows folder).

Locate the section [vcache] and find the line

MaxFileCache=x (Where x=the value you wish to set as a max). This line may be missing, so you might have to add it.

A VCache maximum of 524,288 KB (or a little less) is recommended.

Basically this it trying to force windows to ignore all but the first 512Mb of ram. It's better to take out some ram, such that you only have 512Mb left.

I can't vouch for the safety, or electiveness of doing this. Or even if this will fix your problem.

Usual comments about "back up your PC," and "do it at your own risk" apply.

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