Hard Disk

  theaceae 13:55 08 Aug 2004

Can any of you techies out there please help me out_just invested in a new hard disk 200GB_can somebody tell me do i need to add a o/s before i can transfere data from my old 40GB hard disc to the new one.Look foreward to somebodys reply_thanks_theaceae

  bremner 14:00 08 Aug 2004

No you do not -

Assuming you have XP then jsut install the drive as a slave to your existing drive.

Then boot the machine and right click on My Computer choose Manage and then Disk Management.

You will see your new drive and it will say 'Not Initialised' Right click where it says this and choose 'Initialise'

Once this is done right click on the right hand side of the entry and choose 'New Partition'. Follow the prompts through and I would select 'quick format' when asked. The drive will then be partioned and formatted and ready to be written to.

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