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  ricvic 11:06 25 Jan 2003

Good moring all,

I have salvaged a 6gb hard drive from a defunct pc which I am intending to format and add as a slave (setting jumpers appropriately) to my main machine.

This drive will be used purely for a backup and the drive speed is not important to me.

My machine already has a 30gb hard drive (partitioned into 3), a 36x CD and a 32,12,48x CDRW. In order to avoid slowing my main disc, how should I line up the various drives on the two IDE cables?

Should the two hard drives share the same cable?

Thanks, as always, in advance


(Any offers to purchase a clapped out compaq presario 133, 1mb grapics, no hard drive?)

  BrianW 13:05 25 Jan 2003

I suggest that you put it as slave to the 30 Gb drive. Then have the CD-RW as master on your 2nd EIDE with the CD ROM as slave to that. Depending on your system configuration (OS, IEDE cables etc) a slow HD as slave (say ata - 66) may slow down a faster (say ata-100/133) HD. If you have win 98 and an older m'board then it may just be worth while putting the HDs as master on each EIDE cable. (I always have my systems set as originally described).

  ricvic 14:40 25 Jan 2003

THank you for that.
I am running W98 on a 3 year old mboard so will first try your second suggestion.


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