hard disc security

  tricia-2753 18:05 07 Jun 2010

I have a hard disc which I use to back up and keep some important documents in and I want to keep it safe, how do I put a password on it? I have clicked into security and it asks you to define a user permission which I have done ie; me but when I try to use it it doesnt ask me for permission which means anyone can access it I believe? also can I encrypt the contents, I have read on this web page that you can keep your stuff safe with windows 7 with fingerprints but not with the windows 7 I have which is windows 7 premium not the higher spec windows.

  T I M B O 18:22 07 Jun 2010

I don't know if this will be of any help to you, but i get these news letters and i remember this. It scares me to use such software.

click here

Scroll down a bit to where it says "Lock your sensitive data in a hidden vault "

Best of luck....

  robin_x 18:53 07 Jun 2010

Your post jogged my memory.

I see Truecrypt is listed above, an that is the one everyone recommends.

So I just tried it. Bloody hell!! Bit of a learning curve maybe.

I used to use Axcrypt for a while, which is a whole lot easier.
Install, then right click files and folders to see simple "choose a password & etc options".

Note with Axcrypt. People can still see your folders and files. But they can't open/read them.

Try them both. Don't forget your passwords. I believe they are uncrackable. GCHQ excepted?

WinZip etc passwords and other apps can easily be broken I believe.

I don't have any security now, cos I don't keep any very confidential data on my PC and I am the only one to use it. So I have only had a cursory look at these programs.

click here

  T I M B O 19:02 07 Jun 2010

Excellent post ..... Thank you !

  rawprawn 19:17 07 Jun 2010

click here
Not free, but easy to use, and used by many large accountancy firms.
I have both Lockngo Professional for an exterior drive, and Lockngo standard for a Pen Drive.

  rsignals 23:30 07 Jun 2010

We use PGP quite a lot, see here: click here

  tricia-2753 09:02 08 Jun 2010

Thanks guys for all your really useful advice, as always, I love using this site, you are all so helpful!!happy days

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